Cassandra Dataset Manager

Cassandra Dataset Manager, (cdm) is a tool to make it simple to start learning Apache Cassandra or Datastax Enterprise (DSE). This utility will provide a framework for building and installing datasets, which can then be explored via cqlsh, DevCenter, and the Jupyter notebooks that are included with datasets. In short, the focus of this tool is on the following:

Development of Datasets
The CDM framework will provide a consistent experience for people interested in sharing public datasets.
Installation of Datasets
It should take 15 minutes or less for a user to go from “I want to learn” to “I’m looking at data”. The experience of loading sample data should be as simple as possible, with helpful error messages when things do go wrong or a requirement it not installed.
Visual Learning via Examples
Several tools, such as Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks, provide an elegant means of teaching database and data model concepts by interweaving explanatory text and executable code. By providing stable datasets through CDM people can create tutorials, blog posts, videos, and code examples without having to worry about creating new data models every time.

Things this is not

  1. A bulk loader
  2. A way for you to manage your schema in your projects

Want to get up and running? See the QuickStart

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